Portugal: Golden Visa


Looking to gain PR in a country with no requirement to spend more than two weeks a year there? Do you have at least €500,000 to invest in property or €1m  into shares or business? Looking to keep your tax payments to a minimum? The Portugal Golden Visa could be the one for you.

Portugal should be on the radar for anyone looking to relocate their family or retire to Europe. With a moderate economic climate, clear and transparent tax rules, relatively low tourist levels in comparison to its neighbouring countries, France and Spain, Portugal is the perfect destination in which to experience a country’s culture in its purest form while keeping in control of your tax outgoings and finances.  Rich in history and gifted in culinary arts, this country could provide the perfect spot for holidaying, or alternatively serve you as a relaxing and tranquil environment to spend your retirement with your loved ones eating bacalhau in Porto by the River Duoro or enchidos on the coast of Lisbon.

Here is some information on this route to permanent residency.


There are three investment options for this programme:

  1. 1m in shares or in business
  2. Creation of at least 10 jobs through business
  3. Acquisition of property for a minimum amount of €500,000


Investors will need to renew their permit every two years and in order to do so much prove the minimum residency time requirement has been met.


The freedom to manage other interests abroad – minimum residency requirement is 7 days for the first year and then 14 days in successive years.

Direct route to permanent residency. Permit holders may apply for residency after 5 years.

Live with your spouse and children. Investors may reside with their spouse and children under 18.


Any investment must keep and be kept for at least 5 years from the permits issuance.

1. Capital Investment of €1m

Investors must demonstrate that the full amount has been invested by producing a declaration from a financial institution in Portugal.

Certificate of good standing proving property of the shares.

A declaration from the Exchange Commission or the company’s directorship.

Certified annual reports.

2. Creation of at least 10 jobs.

All must be registered with social security and the applicant will be asked to produce a valid certificate confirming registration.      

3. Acquisition of Property

This investment can be executed alone or with co-owners.

The applicant’s share must be at least €500,000

They must prove investment with a property deed or promissory agreement, along with a valid certificate from the Land Registry.


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