Bulgarian Permanent Residency through Property Investment

This is an investment based opportunity for individuals who invest €300k in Bulgaria.  Our clients qualify for Permanent Residency via the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, Article 25 which was passed in August 2009 and ratified by the EU. Permanent residency of Bulgaria is granted to citizens of any country (and their spouse and children under 18) who invest in the country through certain terms outlined in the Act.

The key advantage of this program over other programs is the fact there is no obligation to reside in Bulgaria obtain or retain Permanent Residency, or indeed qualify for citizenship and an EU passport  5 years after.

Bulgaria offers many valuable benefits:-

  • Low income tax rate of 10%
  • Corporation tax rate of 10%
  • Access to skilled workers
  • Financially stable economy
  • Free trade environment within the EU

Our government approved property based investment program is the ideal way to secure permanent residency and EU citizenship.

Key Features

  • Protected in Bulgarian legislation
  • Promoted and run by a leading Bulgarian law firm
  • Specialist scheme that offers a secure route to obtaining permanent residency for you and your immediate family
  • Unique and structured path to allow you take advantage of the legislation
  • You control your investment portfolio at all times.

Key Benefits

  • No requirement to live in Bulgaria to obtain permanent residency
  • Residency usually obtained in four to six months
  • We guarantee to return your investment capital if your application is not successful
  • Property investment is an opportunity to secure capital growth and rental income
  • Guaranteed rental yield and significant VAT reclaim
  • Visa free travel throughout the Schengen zone*
  • Apply for a European Union passport after five years
  • Children under 18 years can be included in your application
  • Investment capital remains under your control
  • Access to European universities at EU rates reduces education costs
  • Low Legal and Application Fees

* Bulgaria is set to gain a place within the Schengen in 2013

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