Czech Residency through Business

If you are undertaking genuine business in the Czech Republic which will deliver value to the local economy, we can assist you with a full residency package which includes the formation of a company, through to your long-term residency less than a year down the line.


  • The ability to reside with your dependents – a spouse and children under eighteen
  • A route to a long-term residency permit after three months
  • Permanent EU residency after five years if requirements are met
  • Apply for citizenship after ten years of residence.


1. Business Visa Application

First of all you will need to apply for a business visa in order to enter the Czech Republic, which is valid for six months. In order to apply for a business visa from the embassy within your country of residence, you must:

a) Form an SRO company (a Czech Limited Liability company)

b) Have organised accommodation in the Czech Republic and paid a rental deposit – we can help you to find an apartment and then provide proof of address for the purposes of your visa

c) Provide proof of living expenses sufficient to support yourself and any dependents

d) Provide proof of health insurance in the Czech Republic.

2. Enter the Czech Republic and Register your Address

Within three days of your arrival in the Czech Republic you must register your address with the local police.

3. Apply for Long Term Residency

Three months prior to your business visa expiry date, you may apply for a long term residency permit in the Czech Republic. This is typically valid for a year, with the opportunity to extend.


  • Documentation to prove your registered company in the Czech Republic
  • Accommodation must be organised and two months rental must be paid prior to applying for your visa
  • Proof of living expenses to support yourself and dependents – either shown through a salary from your Czech company or as evidence of money in your bank account
  • Health insurance at a minimum of €60,000

Our Services

  • Guiding you through the process from start to finish
  • Completion of the business visa application form
  • Apartment booking in the Czech Republic for two months in advance
  • Legal proof of address in the Czech Republic
  • Address registration
  • Long term residency permit application

Assistance with finding health insurance.