Political System: Parliamentary Republic

Capital City: Warsaw

Total Area: 312,685 km2

Population: 38,186,860

Currency: Zloty



Ernst and Young European attractiveness survey voted Poland the number one place in Europe for potential foreign investment. And the reason why is clear. Since its entering into the EU in 2004, it has opened up a whole new consumer market, which is the largest in central Europe. Therefore the potential for growth and success in Poland is huge.

We offer the following services in Poland.

Work Permits

Residence Permits


Work Permits:

The most popular way to obtain a work permit in Poland is to obtain a type C Visa. This means that he/she will remain on the pay roll abroad, and will NOT have a Polish Contract. Below you will see the documents which need to be provided, as well as details of the process itself.



Preparing the documents and applications (collection, translations, etc.);

paying the fees for a work permit in the name of employer;

submitting the documents to Voivodship Office;

obtaining work permit (it takes around 30 days from the day of submission the documents to Labour Office);

obtaining the visa with right to work by the foreigner in the polish consulate in their home country;

receiving address confirmation (meldunek).





Documents required to be provided by foreigner:

copy of the passport (all pages required);

personal questionnaire;

diploma, certificates proving the education (in copies);

reference letters proving job experience (in copies);


Documents required to be provided by host company:

Current excerpt from the National Court Register (KRS) in original;

Tax Identification Number (NIP) of the company in original

(Statistical) REGON no. of the company in original


Documents required to be provided by delegation company:

delegation letter (secondment) – sample attached;

power of attorney from the delegation company to representative in Poland (Express Relocation cannot be representative in Poland and sign the application);

document confirming company tax number in original or copy proved by public notary;

an extract of the business activity register in original or copy proved by public notary

or documents from proper (suitable) register.

The above mentioned documents (4 and 4a) need to confirm legal status and form or character of  activity led by delegation company. This document has to show:

Full address of the delegation company;

Full name of the delegation company;

Name of the authorised person who can sign documents on behalf of the company (for example power of attorney).


Residence Permit:

When coming to live/work in Poland you will need a Residency Permit .Below you will see details of what documentation is needed.

5 biometrical (en face) photographs size of the picture 4,5 x 3,5 cm;

lease contract;

bills for water, gas and electricity with confirmations of payment for last month;

original of address confirmation (meldunek);

marriage certificate;

birth certificates;

statement confirming employment ( applies to assignee only);

contract of employment or secondment letter ( applies to assignee only);

work permit ( applies to assignee only) – in case of family members work permit of the assignee would be required);

National Court Register of Polish company (KRS);

medical insurance (for example ZUS RMUA for last month);


Statement from the tax office confirming that foreigner in not overdue in taxes;



Below are the fees for all the immigration services we offer in Poland. Please be aware that the Prices are not including the Government Fees.

Work Permit: 650 Euro (Not including 25 Euro Government Fee).

Work Permit Extension: 600 Euro: (Not including 13 Euro Government Fee)

Residence Permit for principal non EU Citizen: 700 Euro (Not including 100 Euro Government Fee)

Residence Permit for dependent non EU Citizen: 620 Euro: (Not including 100 Euro Government Fee)


Time Scales:

Below are the times taken to complete the Process: Please note that the time indicated below is estimation, and will therefore depend on the individual. For more information, please be in contact with us.

Work Permit: About 30 days.

Residence Permit: 2-3 months from the day that it’s submitted to Voivodship Office.