Living in the Czech Republic

You might be considering expanding your business into the Czech market, and whether you are moving there as an individual or with your family, there is plenty to do and take advantage of in the European state of the Czech Republic.

Why Live in the Czech Republic?

Nestled in the heart of Europe, your experience of this country will be enriched by its deep historical and cultural roots. Prague, the capital, is a notoriously beautiful place courtesy of its fine architecture, but the Czech Republic also has eleven other UNESCO world heritage sites that stand as a testament to its past. In terms of business, this is a hotbed for entrepreneurs looking to expand into Europe for reasons such as its robust democratic tradition, and highly developed economy.


Prague, amongst other large cities in the Czech Republic, hosts a range of rented apartments both furnished and unfurnished which are perfect for non-EU expats and business people and their families – located centrally and in the leafy suburbs. Prices for an apartment or villa vary greatly depending on city and requirements; however our Czech relocation specialists can find rented accommodation to suit you.


Entertainment options are plentiful and varied: take your pick from stage plays, opera performances, regional cultural and sporting events, along with art galleries, jazz clubs, poetry readings and an assortment of night life to suit everyone.

Czech living also provides exciting opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Over ten percent of this country is dedicated to lush national parks and protected areas.

In terms of eating out, there is far more to the Czech Republic than its famous beer. Around Prague, Brno and Ostrava you are spoilt for choice with international eateries from every corner of the globe, from Irish pubs to Indian restaurants, and traditional Czech cuisine, which has been greatly influenced by its surrounding European countries.


There is a choice of international schools ranging from primary education all the way through to MBA programmes: schooling is mandatory up to the age of sixteen and available publically – free of charge, and privately. Schools typically teach in English, German or French in most of the larger cities around the Czech Republic.

Cost of Living

Basic costs are more or less in line with the majority of the EU: since 2011, there have been small increases in the cost of food, which is usually a direct result of EU regulations and lower resulting imports. For a detailed review of living costs in Prague, see below:

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