Switzerland: Residency Through Investment

Swiss Investor Visa


Gain Permanent Residency in Switzerland through investing in a Swiss company.


Who is eligible?

People who are selling an existing company

Businessmen not currently trading in Switzerland


Actors, musicians and sportsmen

People able to live on their assets and who do not require employment.



Switzerland has a very friendly tax system

Switzerland is positioned in a very central European location

Switzerland boasts the highest quality of living in the world

It is a great country if you intend to raise multilingual children

Swiss people are very healthy and it is a health conscious country

Highest level of personal safety in the whole of Europe

Switzerland has the best healthcare system in the world.

Great political stability



You must invest at least 500,000CHF (approx. 420,000EUR) into a company based in the area in which you will reside, with a view to creating jobs and employment from this. An investment into stocks and shares is not sufficient.

You should reside in Switzerland for the majority of the time.

Unless you are a famous artist of some description, you will be requires to demonstrate you have ties with Switzerland, for example, past holidays, friends, relatives.