Political System: Parliamentary Republic

Capital City: Dublin

Total Area: 84,421 km­­­­2

Population: 6 Million

Currency: Euro


Ireland may be a small country, but it’s a great place to invest in, offering some of the lowest taxes in Europe at a rate of 12.5%. As a member of the European Union (EU), Ireland is part of the world’s second largest economy where goods, people and capital can move freely. Ireland is one of 15 EU member states using the euro as the official currency. Through Ireland’s major ports, the European mainland and the UK are accessible by vehicle within 24 to 36 hours and the country’s four international airports ensure that Europe, the US, Asia and other locations are readily accessible.


We offer the following services in Ireland:

  • Green card permits
  • Intra-company transfer permits
  • Employment permits for dependants/spouses
  • Business Permission


Green Card Permits 

The permit was created for occupations where there is a shortage of strategic skills in Ireland.  The Green Card Permit is issued for a period of two years after which you are able to apply for permanent residency.  To apply you must meet one of the following criteria:

An annual salary of €60,000 or more, excluding bonuses, for any occupation


Be employed in a selective job with an annual salary range of €30,000-59,999, excluding bonuses, for a restricted number of occupations in Information Technology, Healthcare, Industry, Education and Financial.

You must have the qualifications; skills or experience required for the employment and must be able to provide supporting documentation.

You will also need to be in possession of a job offer from a company registered with the Irish authorities, the offer must contain a full description of the proposed role, a starting date, salary details and information regarding the qualifications, skills or experience required for the role.

The Green Card permits process typically takes 6 weeks but this will vary based upon individual circumstances


Employment Permit

If a Green Card isn’t applicable and you’re coming to work in Ireland, you will need to obtain an employment permit to be able to work legally.  It will allow you to work for a named employer in an occupation specified in the permit. The permit is issued for an initial period of two years and can be further extended for an additional period of three years, after five years it can be renewed indefinitely.

The employee or employer can apply for a Work Permit.  In order to qualify you must meet one of the following salary based criteria:

The salary, excluding bonuses, being offered is €30,000 or more.


In exceptional cases occupations with a salary below €30,000 will be considered.

The Irish Government will not consider granting a work permit for many employment categories including Clerical and Administrative, general operatives, labourers, operator and production staff, domestic workers, work riders (horse racing), sales staff, all drivers including HGV, childcare workers, hotel, tourism and catering except chefs.  If you are considering the type of visa we will check to ensure your occupation is acceptable to the authorities.

The Employment Permits process typically takes 12 weeks but this will vary based upon individual circumstances


Intra-company transfer

This option is available if you’re transferring from a position in a company that is situated outside the EU, and you’re moving within the company into an EU country.  The scheme is only open to senior management, key personnel or participants in a training programme.

You must be earning a salary of at least €40,000 and have been employed for at least 12 months with the overseas company before the transfer.

The permit will allow the company in Ireland to employ the applicant for the duration of the permit, when the permit expires the employee must return to their country of origin.  An Intra-Company Transfer Permit will be issued for a defined period, the maximum initial period being 24 months; it may subsequently be extended to a period of up to five years.

The process typically takes 4 weeks but this will vary based upon individual circumstances


Employment permits for dependants/spouses

The spouse and dependants of a person that has permission to work in Ireland can only work legally if they are in possession of a valid Employment Permit.

Spouse and dependants that meet Irish government conditions may apply under this scheme.  Firstly they must be legally resident in Ireland and they also must have a Green Card Permit, a valid Work Permit, Working Visa, Work Authorisation or Intra-Company Transfer permit and they must be working within the terms of their permit.

The process typically takes 6 weeks but this will vary based upon individual circumstances


Residence Permits

When coming to live in Ireland you will need to obtain a Residence Permit, which will be issued the same day as the other visas/permits.

Accompanied Visit for Residency Permit: 75 Euros per hour