Political System: Republic
Capital City: Nicosia
Total Area:  9,250 sq km
Population: 1.17 million
Currency: Euro

Although Cyprus is no longer the offshore tax haven it was before its introduction into the EU, it remains a dream destination for many foreign investors. An efficient and sophisticated business environment, coupled with corporate income tax of just 10%, help to explain the pull. Cyprus is also shaping itself as the key outpost of the Eastern Mediterranean, and a springboard for investments throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We offer the following Services in Cyprus:

  • Work Permits
  • Residence Permits

Residence Permits:

You will be able to apply for a residence permit if you fit into one of the categories below:

Category C:

If you intend to be self employed in a trade or profession in the Republic of Cyprus, you need to ensure that you have in your possession a relative permit, fully and freely at your disposal capital of CY£150,000, and gainful employment that should not negatively affect the general economy of the Republic of Cyprus.

Category D:

If you intend to be self employed in a profession or science in the Republic of Cyprus, you need to ensure that you have academic or professional qualifications for which there is demand in Cyprus. Possession of adequate funds is also necessary.

Category E:

Persons who have been offered permanent employment in the Republic which will not create undue local competition.

For more information on Residence Permits, feel free to contact us.

Work Permits:

In order to obtain a Working Permit, your intended employers will need to submit your application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department. The applications should be accompanied by a work contract stamped by the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. The Ministry will then need to ensure that there are no Cypriots who would want to work in that sector. For more information on Work Permits, please get in touch.


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Again, please contact us for information on estimated timescales. However please note that the timescales given will be best estimates, and will depend on the individual’s unique circumstances.