Political System: Constitutional Monarchy

Capital City: Amsterdam

Total Area: 33,883 sq km

Population: 16 Million

Currency: Euro


Holland’s strategic position, as well as excellent infrastructure makes it a great place for foreign investment. In addition Holland has one of the highly educated and motivated workforces in Europe. Dutch people are among the most multi-lingual in the world, enabling them to work across the continent.

We offer the following services in Holland.

  • Work Permits
  • MVV’s
  • Residence Permits


MVV (Provisional Residence Permit)

An MVV (provisional residence permit) allows you to enter the Netherlands, from which you will apply for a Residency permit. The process can begin in one of two ways. Either a sponsor in the Netherlands can start the MVV procedure by submitting a request for advice to the IND, or you can submit an application for an MVV to the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of origin.


Residence Permit:

Once an MVV has been granted and you have arrived in the Netherlands, you can apply for a Residence Permit, which will be issued for a maximum of a year.

Self employed:

If you wish to come to the Netherlands for longer than 3 months, you must meet the following conditions, which will be determined by a Points system.

The scoring system consists of three parts:

a) Personal experience (education, experience as a self-employed person, working experience);

b) Business plan (market analysis, product/service, price, organisation, financing);

c) Material economic purpose for the Netherlands (innovative, job creation, investments).
It is possible to score a maximum of 300 points for al parts combined. You need to score 90 points with a minimum of 30 points per part.


Work Permits:

In the case of most foreign nationals who want to work in the Netherlands, the employer must apply for a work permit at the UWV Werkbedrijf. The employer only gets the work permit when nobody in the Netherlands and the European Union (excluding Romania and Bulgaria) is available to fill the position.



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Please contact with us for information on estimated timescales. However please note that the timescales given will be general and will therefore depend on the individual.