Political System: Republic

Capital City: Bucharest

Total Area: 238,392 sq km

Population: 22,276,056

Currency: Lei (ROL)



Romania has pulled off a minor economic miracle in recent years, sweeping aside the remnants of socialist planning and transforming itself into a model of free-market reform. It is now a full member of the EU, and GDP is moving ahead briskly.


Long Term Visas:

Romanian Long Term Visas are determined on the kind of activities that you’ll be carrying out once working in Romania. Below you will see details:


Employment Visas: Will need to be applied for by the employer. The employee will be checked to ensure that he/she are not in debt. In addition the foreign person will need to meet conditions of experience/professional training etc. The person will need to apply for this Visa, within 30 days of having received a Working Visa.



Please be in contact with us for information on our fees.


Please be in contact with us for information on estimated timescales. However please note that the timescales given will be general and will therefore depend on the individual.