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Business, Business, Business.

It is no secret that the UK is the perfect breeding ground for new and existing businesses. The UK is home to millions of consumers and this promising market can make for a lucrative business.

How Can I do Business in the UK?

We mentioned before the UK Entrepreneur visa option open for those looking to begin a business. We would like to now offer you some information on the Sole Representative visa. The Sole Representative allows those who now own a business outside of the EU to establish a wholly owned UK subsidiary or register a UK branch for an overseas parent company by sending one current employee in a senior positions to take up the running of the UK subsidiary.


– The application can take only weeks to process

– This is a direct route to permanent residency

– There is no work permit required

– There are no salary restrictions or confinements

– There is no investment needed for this application

– You have the ability to bring your dependents with you

– Dependents have no restrictions on their right to work in the UK

– You are allowed to study.


– You must apply from outside of the UK

– You must have been employed prior to the set up of the UK subsidiary

– No employment can be undertaken by the employee other than his position in the company

– You must have already been working in a senior position in the parent company but cannot be a majority share holder

– The company cannot operate in the UK already

– You must have full authority to make operational decisions on the company’s behalf

– You must show a good track record in the same or a closely related field

– You must be able to demonstrate your English language ability

– You must be able to support yourself and your dependents with no recourse to public funds

What Documents Will I Need?

– Full company account information and reports

– Employment contract with the parent company with job description and salary details as well as proof you are directly employed and not contracting

– Certificate of English proficiency

How Long Can I Stay?

If your application for Sole Representative is successful, you will be granted right to stay for a maximum of 3 years. If you intend to stay longer than this, towards the end of this period you must apply for it to be extended. If this is successful, you will be granted an extension in periods of 2 years.

How Can I Apply?

If this sounds interesting to you, and you’ve been thinking of conquering the UK with your business, this could be the perfect foothold to developing a prosperous European presence thereafter. If you’d like to obtain some more information on this and you’d like to speak with us to discuss how to begin, why not send us an email to: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with what to do next.





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