Why Choose the UK?

The UK has long retained its status as one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, owing to strengths such as its widely spoken language, affluent business climate, strong currency and excellent standard of education. The UK is also a land of varied cultural heritage, and alongside the thrumming prosperity of London – its capital, and other major cities, it also boasts stretches of green, serene countryside, mountainous areas and sprawling coastlines.


Unlike its weather, which is unpredictable and a little wet, the business climate in the UK is healing alongside its economy, with its business friendly regulations and political stability making it a popular choice for investors from across the globe. It is also a gateway to the rest of Europe – the world’s single largest market exists on its doorstep.


Once you have hunted down the home of your dreams, which you are bound to find in the UK with its property range reaching from slick city apartments to country cottages and family houses, it’s time to rent – or buy. There can seem to be a maze of legal work and negotiations involved with buying a property, and costs will vary hugely dependent on factors such as location, however with the right legal guidance you can be prepared and understand how to move forward: we can introduce you to a credible UK realtor and legal assistance.


Despite the unpredictable weather, outdoor activities are very popular in the UK with some spectacular natural environments to choose from, and sightseeing spots. You can enjoy both spectator and participant sports – football is the biggest of these, with rugby, cricket, tennis and horse racing also popular options.

London is one of the shopping capitals of the world, but it is also a key centre for historical tradition, culture and entertainment. Excellent restaurants serving food from all over the world can be found in London, other major cities and some smaller towns and villages, along with traditional local pubs.

Weekends are traditionally family time in the UK. Until recently, shops were not open on Sundays however now, they are now becoming like every other day of the week.


The education systems within England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales vary slightly. English education is overseen by the Department of Education, and the local authorities take responsibility for implementing policy in each regional area for public and state schools. There are also private schooling options available across the UK, and schooling is compulsory for children aged 5 to 17 years of age.


Anyone who is legally resident in the UK is eligible for free medical treatment in a hospital or at a registered doctor’s surgery. Entitlement depends on the length and purpose of residency in the UK, and not on nationality. EU and non-EU nationals are treated in the same way, provided they are legally resident in the UK and pay their tax and national insurance contributions there.

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