Austrian Residency for Private Purposes

An annual quota of opportunity for you to become a permanent EU resident

This program provides a direct path to permanent residency in Austria for those who are able to live there without the need of employment – with no investment required.


If you are a non-EU resident without the need of employment, and would like to reside there with your family, this is an option for you to seriously consider. Through this specific residency permit, individuals may become a resident in Austria along with their spouse and children under eighteen, with a route to permanent residency after five years.

What are the benefits of this program?

  • With an Austrian residency permit, you may visit Schengen states without the need of a visa
  • Applicants may move to Austria with their spouse and children under eighteen
  •  After five years, permanent residency can be applied for which allows you to reside in any EU country
  • After ten years of residency, you may apply for Austrian citizenship
  • There is no investment required for this residency permit.

What are the basic requirements?

  • Applicants must be of independent means and without need of employment: this is because this residency permit does not confer any right to work in Austria, including running your own business
  • Funds must be shown in an international bank account, and the amount to be shown will vary depending on how many dependents are joining you in Austria – please contact us for further details
  • A University Degree – If an applicant does not hold a degree or equivalent qualification they must demonstrate a basic level of German language skills within two years of their arrival
  • Reside in Austria for at least 183 days per year
  • Health insurance providing full cover for each family member in Austria.

What are the Steps?

1.     Submit your application – Applications are subject to an annual quota: We prepare applications for submission early each year to ensure that an applicant secures their place.

2.     Residence permit issued for a year – With a successful application, your residency permit will initially be annually.

3.     Second permit renewal – Within the first two years of residency, applicants who do not hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will need to demonstrate a A1 level of German language skills at this point (this excludes children under 14 years of age.)

4.     Permanent Residency – After five years of residence, you may apply for permanent residency. Those who do not hold a degree will at this point need to demonstrate German language level at B1.

5.     Citizenship – After ten years, you may apply to become an Austrian citizen.

A Window of Opportunity

Interested? Applications for this visa have a yearly quota which fills up quickly due to popularity.

Contact us today to discuss the 2016 quota.


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