Fast-track to Hungarian Permanent Residency for Investors

This is a very new opportunity which only became available at the beginning of 2013, and allows a non-EU national to invest €250K into government stocks or bonds in order to receive immediate permanent residency, waiving the typical requirement for five years of continuous residence.

Program Benefits

  • Invest €250,000 Euros into state bonds or stock
  • Become a permanent resident within two weeks
  • Live in Hungary with your immediate family
  • Travel freely around the EU
  • Manage your other business interests

New Developments

Hungary currently provides a wealth of benefits for those who seek to incorporate a viable business and reside there in order to run it. As of December 5th, there have been new developments in government law which enable a non-EU national investing €250,000 to obtain permanent residency for themselves and their immediate family within just two weeks.

Key Points

  • Non-EU nationals purchase €250K worth of government bonds or stocks of state-owned corporations
  • These bonds are considered low-risk with a guaranteed return
  • Investors who fulfil these requirements will receive permanent residency immediately, as opposed to the general route which requires three years continuous stay in Hungary
  • Residency permits can be applied for by an individual applicant, or by a company of which they are the majority shareholder
  • As with any investment, due diligence should be exercised and the appropriate consultation is crucial. We are able to provide introductions to investment vehicles alongside tax advice and residency.

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