Belgium: Residency Through Business

Business Start-Up Visa

Who is eligible?


Experienced business professionals

Educated and Skilled professionals

High net worth individuals willing and able to make an investment into a local Belgian business.



Belgium holds a strong European presence.

No limitations on minimum stay a year.

Only 3 years before the citizenship application can be made.

No restrictions on dual citizenship.

Can travel around the EU freely.



Applicants must have 300,000€ or more available for the residency programme. Our clients are predominantly high net worth business investors.

Investment must be by means of monetary fund.

The investment must be into a Belgian local business or project which serves to create jobs or alternatively in a start-up Belgian enterprise.



We offer advice and assistance with the application from start to finish

We offer tax advice.

We can assist with dealing with necessary authorities for the application.

We can open a bank account for you.

Liaison with all local and government authorities

Submission of the application to the relevant government authorities

Advice and assistance when renewing your permit

Assistance with obtaining the permanent residence permit.