Latvian Migration Authorities will issue a multi-entry Schengen business visa for 1 year, permitting stay in Latvia or the EU up to 90 days per 6 month period. This option applies to applicants from non-EU countries who will be employed in Latvia and require to travel within Latvia and  the EU Schengen Zone, but will not permanently reside in Latvia (duration of stay in Latvia or other Schengen state does not exceed 90 days per 6 month period).


▪ Migration authorities look for proof of previous travel (visas in Applicant’s passport) to other countries. The more visas the Applicant has, the better chance he has of receiving a multi-entry Schengen visa. Applicant may be initially issued a single entry Schengen visa.


Please read the bellow instructions on how to proceed:


Step 1 – Vacancy registration at the State Employment Agency


The position for which the Latvian employer wishes to hire a 3d country national has to be available to local citizens for at least 30 days.

IBC will be responsible for publication of the vacancy according to the requirements of the Immigration law.



Step 1 – Invitation confirmation from Migration Service of Latvia


The Company issues an invitation to the representative, which must be approved by the Latvian Citizenship and Migration Department. The application letter on the behalf of the Company is prepared and submitted by IBC.


Required documents:

1.) Application substantiating the need to obtain Schengen visa (prepared by IBC) – indicate the embassy where you will receive the visa

2.) Passport copy, including all pages showing visas from other countries;

3.) Signed employment contract. The contract should indicate that the salary of the employee is at least LVL 445 before tax deduction.

4.) Certificate of education & proof of experience (at least 3 years) in the profession of the employee

5.) (if applicable) license


Timeframe: invitation is confirmed within 5 business days


Step 2 – Schengen visa application


After invitation is approved, client submits application at Latvian embassy in home or residency country.

Documents required for Application at Latvian embassy:

1.) Valid Passport (original+copy; passport expiry date should not less than 3 months)

2.) Completed visa application form (we will provide instructions)

3.) One photograph (passport size)

4.) Receipt confirming payment of government fee (EUR 35-60)

5.) Health insurance for visa period

6.) Invitation number provided by IBC

7.) Signed employment contract provided by IBC


After receipt of Schengen visa in passport, client has access to all Schengen zone countries.



Step 3 – Applying for Latvian Work Permit


Within three business days after first entry into Latvia, client must visit Latvian Migration Department to receive work permit. No additional documentation, payment nor information required from Client at this stage. We will escort Client personally to the Migration Department.


Step 4 – Schengen visa application for next year


Schengen visa expires within 1 year. Client needs to repeat Step 2 and 3 to obtain a new 1 year multi-entry Schengen visa.