Germany Residency to Search for a Job

As one of the leading world economies and the largest country in Europe physically, these are just two big reasons among many why people from all over the world want to find employment in Germany.

The catch with most countries in the European Union is that you require a job offer from an employer to start the process before applying for a visa, work permit and rights to residency.

Germany welcomes highly qualified people to live there and look for a job.

Unlike many European countries, there is a unique residency option in Germany which allows non-EU nationals who hold an academic degree qualification to live there for six months in order to find employment.

What are the basic requirements?

  • You must apply for the job search permit from your home country – this means that if you are residing in Germany under an existing visa category, you must leave and re-enter the country through the specific visa intended for a job search
  • You will need to provide evidence that you hold a valid academic qualification – this will be certification of a university degree, diploma or technical qualification
  • You will need to show evidence of sufficient funds to finance yourself for the next six months.

The key benefit is in the opportunity itself.

This is a unique chance for highly educated non-EU nationals to find a job in an affluent economic country with a famed quality of living.

There is also the advantage of being immediately available for interview: most employers will be reluctant to invite a prospective candidate overseas, since the law stipulates that they cover their travel costs.

If you are an individual with an academic education, Germany wants you there to stay.

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