Political System: Parliamentary Republic

Capital City: Athens

Total Area: 131.990 km sq

Population: 11 Million

Currency: Euro


Greece being on the crossroads between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Balkans holds a strategic geographical position for business establishment. With 40% of the population speaking English as a second language Greece is a designated country that trade, tourism and nowadays alternative green energy production are very popular sectors of investment for foreign investors. The recent economic trouble that Greece is going through has made it a land of opportunity for foreign capital. The exports in goods and products has raised by double digits the past years which is an indication that the Greek spirit for entrepreneurship always finds new roads to enhance trading. The main exports of Greece are aluminium, olive oil and other agricultural products and at this time discussions are being made on drilling for gas and petroleum in the wider Aegean Sea. There is a lot of opportunity also for hotel units due to the downturn of the economy. In 2011 there was a new record of tourist visits of the last decade.

The financial situation in Greece has decreased the residential cost of living the past year, giving the opportunity of very good pricing in accommodation since the ratio of supply and demand has grown considerably.

Being one of the older states of the European Union Greece nowadays enjoys the harmonisation of the Greek trading laws with the EU directives making the establishment of the Greek entities much easier and cost effective.

The trading currency is the Euro and the past years there has been a lot of infrastructure development especially due to the Olympic Games of 2004. There is access to all Greek isles by boat or plane ranging from 20 minutes to 10 hours of travel.  As Greece is to historically hold the cradle of democracy there is a good education system, political freedom, economic and press freedom.


We offer the following employment permit services in Greece

  • Employment Permits
  • Intra-company transfer permits
  • Residence Permit
  • Employment permits for dependants/spouses
  • Business Visas


Usually for non EU passport holders a working permit is easily granted when existent employment is secured in Greece. For any other situation a provision of visa can be accomplished by establishing an S.A. (from the French societe’ anonym) or by participating in a third class category tax books company like an Ltd or a S.A. that proves its potential over the first years of incorporation.


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