New Year, New… Country?

Take The Leap…

2014 has arrived and many of you will have set yourselves New Year’s resolutions, and many of you will have already broken them…but why not set yourself a New Year’s resolution that you intend to keep? Many people dream of moving to Europe with their families and creating a new and exciting life together, so why not do it? Perhaps this year you could materialise your dreams and apply for residency in Europe and start afresh in a new country.

Immigration into Europe offers its services to those looking to achieve residency in Europe, whether it be through business or through investment.   We offer routes to residency in several countries through Europe. All the programmes we offer are routes to residency and in some cases can even lead to citizenship. Currently we offer investor visas for the UK, Bulgaria Spain, Portugal and Malta and we offer business visas for Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and the UK. We offer two business visas for the UK, one which allows you to bring an employee of an existing business over to the UK to set up a UK subsidiary, and one which allows you to invest in a new or existing business, which is perfect for an entrepreneur. We also offer a programme for Austria which requires no investment but  is a direct route to permanent residency. In addition we offer a study visa and a work permit for the UK, these are under the condition that you have already had a job offer or an offer of a place at an approved educational institution.

All of the business and investor visas allow you to bring your spouse and dependants with you, however, the investor visas, aside from one, do not allow you the right to work or any recourse to national funds.

If you are interested in moving abroad and would like some more information on what might be suitable, please visit our website: where you can find more information. If you have any questions, please send us an email to [email protected].


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