Viva España: Which City? Part 1

Tale of Two Northern Cities

People flock to Spain in their thousands to taste croquetas and paella, to catch a little matador fighting and to take in vitamin D and build up a beautiful tan. The Spanish have a very slow pace of living compared to other cultures, they enjoy dining late, they enjoy an afternoon siesta and therefore days seem to last longer and your life doesn’t fly by. Spain provides the perfect place for someone looking to escape their cold climate and start a new life or retire to somewhere with low living costs but with a comfortable quality of life. Spain’s major cities are all attractive for different reasons and your reasons for moving could affect your decision on where to go.


Barcelona is a popular destination for holiday makers, immigrants and retirees, not only because it has a moderate climate, fantastic food and oodles of culture, but also because it offers many opportunities for business. Located on the Northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, it is the capital of Catalonia and is also the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona is nearby to the Collserola mountain range and also the Llobregat and Besos rivers. Barcelona has temperate weather conditions all year round, with humid winters and warm dry summers which accounts for its comparatively high annual average temperatures of 20 degrees in the day and 4 degrees at night for a European country. Barcelona would prove to be a city which offers beauty, culture and relaxation with ample business opportunities for the growing entrepreneur.


Madrid, the capital of Spain and the third largest metropolitan area in Europe, is located on the banks of the Manzanares River. Similarly to Barcelona, it has a Mediterranean climate but with significantly colder winters and warmer summers, on account of the city resting 2,188 feet above sea level. Madrid occasionally suffers sporadic snowfalls in the winter months. It is a very cosmopolitan city with just 84% of all inhabitants being of Spanish origin. The majority of current immigrants come from the South American countries but with some also originating from Romania, China, Morocco, India and the Philippines to name but a few. Madrid is brimming with history and famous landmarks and buildings; it also offers fantastic transport links to reach the coast if you need some time out of the city.

Spain as a very holistic city, it allows the inhabitant the ability to live there but also to holiday there as it is beautiful on the coast and has links to the islands of Majorca and Ibiza. Nestled up next to Portugal means it is also possible to visit its Iberian neighbour and is also close to France and is a short distance to the Alps for any keen skiers and snowboarders. Immigration into Europe now offers the Spain Investor programme which allows you to invest in property to gain permanent residence in Spain. Please visit our site for more details and contact us should you have any questions.


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