Tier 2 General: UK Work Permit

Want To Work in The UK?

If you are interested in finding a job abroad and are looking to experience a new culture and a new country, what about The UK? The UK holds a rich history, many traditions and could be the perfect place for your new start and new job. London is the centre of business in the UK; however there are other locations where you can be in the city for your work life with just a short journey to your idyllic country home life.

The Tier 2 General work permit is available to all non-EU citizens and is the best route to gaining the right to work in the UK. It requires the applicant to have a job offer from a UK based employee as well as confirmation that the company wishes to sponsor the individual in the job they wish to undertake. There are then further requirements which need to be satisfied. The application process is a points-based scheme divided into various subsections. The applicant is required to have a total of 70 points in order to qualify.

The main requirements is that the applicant is planning on beginning a job in the correct area of employment, such as a job for which there is a shortage of suitable candidates. The applicant must also fall within the correct salary band to be eligible to apply. It is also important that the applicant can demonstrate they can satisfy the maintenance requirement, which specifies an amount of money the applicant should have had in their account for at least three months preceding the application. Finally, the Tier 2 application process involves the applicant demonstrating they possess adequate English language abilities to be able to work competently in the UK. This could be demonstrated through taking a language test from an approved English language provider or could involve having completed a degree in English before. Alternatively, an applicant coming from a majority English speaking country would naturally qualify.

Once the permit is granted it, gives the applicant the right to remain in the UK to work for three years, or until the end date of the sponsorship contract with the employer, whichever is earliest.  At the end of this initial three year period, the holder can apply for the permit to be extended for further terms of two years. This is a direct route to Indefinite Leave to Remain and also allows for your partner and dependents to join you in the UK for your new life.

If you are interested in this and you already have a job offer in the UK and a sponsor. Please send us a message to [email protected]





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