Seven Reasons why you should move to Berlin

1)      Cheap cost of living for a European capital

The prices in Berlin really are a surprise. Living expenses are relatively low, and are in fact as cheap as or cheaper than many cities in South America upon comparison: a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs a mere €6 Euros, with a litre of milk at around €0.60 and a monthly rented 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre averaging €475. 


2)      Berlin has a great business start-up culture 

If you intend to build a business, Berlin is one of the affluent hubs of Europe to do so. Various internationally successful businesses took root in Germany’s capital, such as online giants SoundCloud and, which are still centred there. 

3)      Famed music scene and night life

The famously exuberant night life in Berlin starts late and never ends: in some areas, such as Berghain, this means things begin to get busy at 1am on a Friday and don’t end until midday on Sunday. Some of Europe’s most famous clubs are situated in Berlin, including Watergate, Cookies, Bar 25 and Club de Visionaire. For a more relaxed music scene, Luzia’s bar is worth visiting.

4)      Beautiful nature, lakes and parks

As Europe’s ‘greenest city’, Berlin has more canals than any other capital in the world, and it is remarkable how connected the city is by water – woven together by networks perfect for an afternoon boat cruise, recreationally or as a way of getting from A to B.

You can also swim in most of the major lakes in spring or summer, with bike riding a popular sporting activity, with ease owing to the city’s flatness. There are also picturesque parks every few hundred metres, so if you are taken with nature, Berlin is the place to be.

5)      Steeped in rich history and a fascinating array of cultural buildings, street art and museums

Berlin’s deeply engrained past with strong echoes from World War II speaks for itself in terms of the city’s significance historically. It has had an eventful history and a fascinating culture, and there are many sites, museums and landmarks which act as a testament to it.  

6)      Berlin’s central location makes it easy to travel around Europe

Berlin is conveniently placed squarely in the centre of Europe, making it proximate to many European countries and cheaper to travel. You are only a few hours away by train from places such as Prague, Budapest and Munich, amongst dozens of other cities worth visiting.

7)      Food, food, food

Known for a somewhat brisk mentality, Berliners are suitably great at food on the go: whether you opt for a Doner kebab (Berlin is said to be a contender for the best in the world) or traditional Currywurst (a hearty German dish of sausage served with a curry sauce), there is something to suit every palette here, and eating is an exciting experience. At the higher end, Berlin holds a fair clutch of Michelin stars, with contemporary eateries and locally sourced produce readily available.

Are you a business person or highly qualified individual looking to move to Berlin or elsewhere in Germany through a business, or to look for a job? Ask us a question below.



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