Greece: Investor Visa


If you’re looking to spend your holidays or your retirement in eternal sunshine, eating houmous and pita breads and mezés then Greece is a good option for you. Greece is a popular holiday destination for many people who come from a colder climate, and therefore would prove to be an ideal location for retirees.  Greece is comprised of around 1400 islands, but only 200-300 are inhabited. It has the eleventh longest coastline in the whole world, and you can hop from island to island exploring the vast expanse of this country. Greece is rich in history, and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to historical buildings and landmarks. Greece has many amphitheatres built by the ancient Greeks and also the Acropolis, there is always something to discover.

In order to move to Greece, as a third country national, you may be interested in the Greece Investor Visa. This visa requires an applicant to purchase property with a value of EUR250,000 which is significantly lower than other countries. You also have the option to rent a property for at least 10 years with a minimum lease value of the same amount. There are options available within this. You do not have to purchase one property alone, it can be more than one, and the investment does not need to be made by one person, but if more than one person is applying, the minimum investment amount must be EUR250,000 each.

The purchase of this property allows the applicant permanent residency in Greece for 5 years and the ability to bring their family with them, which includes the spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18. There are no language requirements for this programme, but you cannot work there unfortunately. As long as the criteria is satisfied after the 5 years has passed, the applicant may have the permit renewed.

If you have 250,000EUR to invest into property in Greece, why not contact us, and we can assist you with the process and with finding properties in Greece to buy or rent. We cannot assist those who do not have the required amount of money.  Please email us at [email protected] with the subject ‘Greece PR programme.


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