UK Entrepreneurship: A natural step to establishing your European Corporate presence

There is more to the UK than tea, bad weather, The Beatles and the Queen. The UK hosts a number of attractions for those looking to immigrate. Awash with green countryside, mountains, national parks and famous landmarks, you’re never short of somewhere to explore. The UK is very ethnically diverse and is home to many people of many different nationalities, which makes it a great place to bring up children and also to develop a business. The UK is home to one of the best capital cities in the world, London in England.  With its thriving business market, it is an obvious choice for business owners to start or expand their business.

The busy market is perfect for the budding entrepreneur. The 62 million UK consumers create a healthy audience for your business but also serve as a gateway to Europe’s 500 million consumers.   UK is currently number one for IT, financial services, research and development. Food and drink is one of the key industries, with 7000 new products being made every year, as well as life sciences, business services and technology. The UK is also in the top 10 leading countries in the world for manufacturing.

The UK offers a business-friendly environment and is the easiest economy in the EU in which to do business. Starting up a business is very simple; it takes as few as 13 days to set up a company and a mere 48 hours to register a company.  The flexible labour market, which owns the second largest labour force in the EU of 30 million, means there is a healthy base upon which to build a fruitful business.

The remarkable further educational system in place in the United Kingdom holds 4 out of the top 4 universities in Europe and 4 in the top 10 universities in the world, meaning there are many opportunities for further study for your children. The highest graduate output in Europe happens in the UK as there is a strong focus on education and encouragement to succeed and achieve.



There are two routes to achieving residency as a business owner. In short, one route is the UK Entrepreneur visa, which involves investing £200,000 into a UK enterprise. The second option is the UK Sole Representation visa, which involves moving a senior employee of your existing overseas company to set up and establish a wholly owned subsidiary of the same type of business activity. If you are interested in pursuing one of these opportunities, please have a look at our website and get into contact to discuss it further.

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