Greece Bid for Major Investment as China Look to Expand Trade with the EU

Greece Bid for Major Investment as China Look to Expand Trade with the EU
With China looking to secure further ties within Europe and the EU, Greece has its eyes on a big prize of securing major investment in their ports and shipping industries from Chinese companies.
Fresh from his visit to the United Kingdom, where British Prime Minister David Cameron managed to secure £14bn worth of investment in infrastructure, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is on his way to Greece where they are hoping to woo him in a similar way that the British did.
With the economic clout of an emerging superpower behind it, China is looking to expand into European territory via trade routes from Greece and likewise Greece are keen to open up trade links with China so that they can move more of their Olives, Wine and other luxury goods to the ever expanding middle class of China. Other opportunities, such as opening up commercial flight routes, are also on the table as Greece will want to cash in on the growing tourist trade coming from China as well.
If Greece can secure Chinese investment in shipping terminals, railways, roads and airports it will be a major coup for the country as they look to re-establish themselves after the financial difficulties of 2008 which still leaves unemployment levels high and cheap, educated labour throughout the country.
The appeal of moving to Greece is widely felt by many across the globe because of its relaxed culture and warm, temperate climate and now with a strengthening economy and further investment opportunities on the horizon this could become a serious prospect for many to both relocate abd cash in on Greece’s growing economic fortunes.
If state owned Chinese shipping company Cosco already has a large stake in the Greek shipping industry and if further investment were to come in it could prove a significant turning point for the nation.
It is not just mainland Greece that is hoping for investment either. Li Keqiang is also due to visit the island of Crete where they are hoping for significant investment in a port and airport and if the country can capture Chinese provisions on both fronts then it is bound to be a major boom for the Greek economy.
With an influx of money coming in and Greece starting to stabilise now could be the perfect time to emigrate and make the most of low prices, cheap labour and a great all year round climate.
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