German Industrial Growth Surges in July

Last month saw German industrial growth shoot through the roof with factory orders rose at their highest rate in a year.

Industrial Production grew by 1.9% in July with manufacturing and construction outputs pushing it forward. This is a massive improvement from June when production only rose by 0.4% and comes as a bit of a surprise to many who foresaw a fall due to the crisis in Ukraine and European sanctions on Russia affecting German trade.

With production growing it is perhaps of little surprise that output also rose by a whopping 4.6% with foreign orders making up the bulk of the demand for German produced factory goods. Domestic orders were also strong, rising by 1.7%, but with a growth of 6.9% for foreign orders it is evident that it is foreign money helping Germany make up the most ground.

With Germany being a powerhouse force in the overall economy of Europe, this serves as great news after recently posting several disappointing figures with the economy shrinking by 0.2% in the second quarter of the year but it seems to have bounced back as of late.

With the European Central Bank introducing several measures to stimulate growth within the European Union, and with Germany keen to be seen as an early adopter and champion of European Union policy, now could be a great time to invest in the country as growth looks set to rise after a short slowdown period.

More strong data seems to be set to come from this hub of European Growth as the country bursts into action after the slowdown Europe experienced from the 2008 economic crisis. Always an economic force to be reckoned with Germany is pushing on with its plans for growth and seemingly trying to drag the rest of Europe with it in an attempt to keep up.

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