Political System: Constitutional Monarchy

Capital City: Stockholm

Total Area: 449,964 sq km

Population: 8.8 million

Currency: Swedish Crown (Krona)



Sweden has been officially neutral and at peace for the entire 20th century, which goes some way to explaining its prosperity and security today. It is a natural choice for international investors seeking new territorial markets, being centrally located and within the EU. It’s the location of for many regional headquarters, and multi-country distribution centres.


We offer the following services in Sweden.

Work Permits.

Residence Permits

Permits for Self employed


Work Permits:

Unlike other countries, Sweden offers a standard permit to be able to work in Sweden, whether highly skilled/intra company etc. A separate permit is available for those who are self employed.


Residence Permits:

When seeing the Work Permit fees, please be advised that this is inclusive of the residency permit. However there is a separate rate for spouses/family.


Work Permit including residence permit for principal person: 11000 SEK.

Residence Permit for Spouses: 5500 SEK

Permit for Self-employed people: 17000 SEK


Renewal fees:

Work permits included residence permit for principal person: 8500 SEK

Residence permit: 3500 SEK

Registration renewal: 3500 SEK



Please be in contact with us for information on estimated timescales. However please note that the timescales given will be general and will therefore depend on the individual.