Intra-Company Transfer 

This option is available if you’re transferring from a position in a company that is situated outside the EU, and you’re moving within the company or the group to Norway for a specified period of time that has a defined start and end date, after which you must return to your country of origin.

The Work Permit must be applied for by the future employer, in other words the employee’s work permit will not be granted if he does not have a job offer. The permit is tied to a particular position, so if the foreigner changes jobs, the work permit loses its validity.

The sending company must prove a direct link with the host company.

The permit is issued on the basis of an assignment contract between two companies, which confirms that the salary will be paid in the country where the employee is originally employed.

The scheme is generally open to senior management, highly skilled workers, key personnel or participants in a training program. Qualifications certificates must be submitted to the authorities as part of the application process.

We can plan your move to Norway and support you whilst you settle in by offering orientation visits, helping you to find the right schools and with information on the local property market for renting or purchase. We can help you to arrange utilities, to register for health services and to find tradesmen for decoration and repairs. When it’s time to depart we can look after the details for you so that all services are cancelled without you having to deal with anyone other than us.


Our Services

  • Supplying a checklist for any and all documents to be submitted
  • Confirmation of the office where documents must be submitted
  • Assistance in filling the permit application document properly
  • Handling immigration questions received from the authorities and applicants
  • General advice/instruction during the application process
  • Expediting the process where required due to urgency